Brava Wine Distributors


Brava Wine Distributors is a boutique, women-owned wine distribution business in Colorado specializing in Italian wines.  Brava is committed to offering the finest and most personal customer service to all its retail buyers in Colorado.  No restaurant or retailer is too large or too small to earn the undivided attention of Brava's dedicated staff. 


Our temperature-controlled warehouse contains only our portfolio of wines.  We do not co-mingle our wines with those belonging to other distributors, which allows us to personally account for and manage our inventory.


Brava ensures that the integrity of our wines is preserved during the journey from our warehouse to your door.

All our wines are stored in our temperature-controlled warehouse and delivered in temperature-controlled vehicles where they will always remain cool and will never experience damaging temperature fluctuations.

Marketing and Support

Brava values an informed consumer.  To help our retail consumers make an informed purchase, Brava vigorously markets our wines on our website, in your store, and in your restaurant.

Brava provides informative, attractive shelf talkers for every wine we distribute including a brief description of the wine, tasting notes, pairing suggestions, and awards or reviews of distinction.

Further, Brava offers frequent tastings to help inform and educate staff and to expose the market to its outstanding portfolio of wines. We love to put together special events, anything from formal multi-course dinners to informal consumer tastings, many presented by the producers themselves with whom we have formed personal relationships with. 


If there is a wine that you would like to see on your shelves or in your wine list that is not presently imported into Colorado, Brava will work diligently to accommodate your request through its importer who has committed to reach out to producers upon request and work to bring new wines into Colorado.